Embody Olympic excellence; Inspire future generations


The Team

Chris and Trevor are two veterans on the scene, coming back to the 49er for more. Chris has three olympics under his belt already, while Trevor has been sailing the boat nearly full time since 2013. Both professional sailors, they have the experience and time in the boat to make an impact in the extremely competitive scene. 



The Boat

The 49er is, simply put, the fastest and most exciting one design dinghy ever. Hugely overpowered and light, the precision and skill of the crew is the only thing keeping the mast in the air. Wide wings allow the crew to trapeze far from the center of the boat, while a narrow hull allows speeds to creep above 25 knots. An extraordinarily competitive international fleet means racing often comes down to inches, a true feat in such unruly boats. 

Perseverance, Integrity, Enthusiasm, Discipline, Gratitude.